Gabriel Teo

Creative Educator | Filmmaker
Professor of Visual Effects
Academy of Media Arts

VFX Workshop
  • Visual Effects Workshops

    After my 3 years of visual effects supervision and teaching job at SCAD Hong Kong, I arrived...

  • Photorealistic CG Character for the Entertainment Industry

    Photorealistic CG Character for the Entertainment Industry is my creative endeavor  to bring emotive and believable realism...

  • Jane and the Dragon

    Weta Workshop has partnered with New Zealand author and illustrator Martin Baynton, to create a Television series...

  • WotWots

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  • Visual Effects Supervision at Huhu Studios

    My work at Huhu Studios involves creative supervision for their original IP as well as supervising new...

  • Huhu Studios | Promenade Pictures

    Scene breakdown of my compositing and post-production work on the Ten Commandments animated feature film. Final composite...

  • Branding Creative Technologies ~ Motion Graphics

    I was commissioned to produce a video promo (motion graphics) to promote our creative interdisciplinary undergraduate and...

  • Studio Supervison at Creative Technologies ~ AUT

    Motion Capture pipeline with Kinect ~ Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology. We are currently developing...

  • Photometric 3D

    The objective of this 3D photometric experiment is to determine the most flexible and efficient techniques and...

  • The Little Creatures

    Little Creatures is a fantasy short feature animation that brings us into a flourishing world of adventures where...

  • Capturing Emotions for CGI Character Design

    Capturing emotions with media students at Creative Technologies ~ Auckland University of Technology. I had a full-day...

  • The Iraqi Children ~ Documentary Production

    In early 2003, I applied for a visitor’s visa to Iraq. I packed my bags with a...

  • Saturated Film Production at Creative Technologies

    This is one of the short film projects I supervised and worked with a crew of film...

  • Film Production Session with Film Students at AUT

    This is another media studio project I supervised at Creative Technologies ~ AUT. I worked closely with...

  • Sculpting Workshop at AUT

    Sculpting and make-up special effects workshop I invited Andrew Mclay to conduct a workshop in clay sculpting...

  • Students’ Showcase at AUT

     3D Matte Painting I introduced our new 3D matte painting paper at Creative Technologies - AUT  to complement...

  • I took Gabriel's computer applications class (CMPA 100) back in the spring of 2013, and I do not regret my decision. Although the class was about learning about basic computer skills and understanding such as photoshop, Gabe inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and find my own style as a designer. I still find it amazing how I managed to make my own 30 second video in Adobe After Effects, considering that I never knew how to use the program and we only had 3 to 4 weeks to complete the assignment. If I ever have the opportunity, I would love to learn from him again. Although he isn't my major professor, I was glad to be under his supervision and learn from his style of teaching. Today he continues to be a great inspiration and a great friend for me.
    Heejung Kim, Marketing Intern at Hypebeast
  • Gabe was a tutor and a guide throughout my time at university. His friendly attitude and great outlooks on life are infectious and is a great asset to whatever projects he works on. His creative flare and constructive feedback inspired me. It helped me to develop myself and my skills throughout university. I feel very privileged to have worked with Gabe and wish him the very best.
    Joshua Sumich, Pre Sales Support at Fujitsu
  • Gabriel is the one who can "cook" the visual arts. Knows the taste of colour, and even the function of ingredients and seasonings. During the time I spent time with him, he told me the importance of "feeling" the arts. It was honour of me to work with him, who encouraged me a lot to pursue my career.
    Taka Ino, 3D Generalist at Podlance
  • Gabriel Teo has been one of the most influential persons ever to have affected and guided me with my work and studies. His mentoring abilities have been able to help me grow as an artist and greatly improved my eye for a professional level of work. One his most distinctive characteristics, besides his easy going friendly and fun nature, is by far his passion for the industry he works in. This passion was able to re-lit my own passion for the same industry and his vast knowledge of the area has never left me without the answers I've been looking for. His excellent quality of work and all his other personal traits will make him a great asset for any company. I am personally looking forward to work with him again in the future.
    Tapani Heikkinen, Character and 3D design
  • I took Gabriel's Digital Design Aesthetics class (ITGM 130) at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), the Hong Kong campus, in the Fall of 2013. I walked into the class expecting to learn the basics in Maya and ZBrush for use in digital art, because that's what I heard most professors did for this course. However, I walked out with a strong foundation for modeling and texturing in Zbrush, and rendering the final images in Maya. I never planned to learn so much about either of the softwares, but Gabe's positive attitude and engaging teaching style took my work to another level. He was clear and concise in his tutorials, and very well-organized with his presentations. Having never created concept art with ZBrush or Maya, none of us in the class knew what the process was. But Gabe guided us all through the project, giving us an overview of what we would be doing on the first day, and coaching us through the details as the quarter went on. All in all, at the end of 10 weeks in Gabe's class, I was able to return back to SCAD's Savannah campus and obtain a position tutoring not only Sophomores, but Juniors who had have taken classes at higher levels than ITGM 130, because Gabe prepared us all for much more than just "a basic understanding of Maya and ZBrush." Instead, he taught us three major things. First, in-depth skills with ZBrush. Second, a moderate understanding of Maya, focusing on: lighting, materials, and rendering. Third, how to appropriately execute a project for Visual Effects. Essentially, his performance shows that Gabe is an exceptional leader and teacher, and I'm sure that extends far beyond just the classroom.
    Hannah Moyers, User Experience Designer
  • i got the pleasure to work with gabriel on diferent project as he was the vfx supervisor at BlankCreative LLC | Disney Channel ME he was very efficient and determined to get the best result out of his team of artists his personality and skills are hardly matched in our industry
    Christophe Desse, Technical Artist @ Naughtydog
  • Gabe's the man. Incredible passion and work ethic. The students follow him like sheep. He could open his own school and half of our students would follow him bleating. A rare gem indeed.
    Curt Neilson, Professor of English at SCAD
  • Gabe is quite possibly the best supervisor you could ever wish to have, he's awesome to work with and far, keeps things clear and is willing to go to war for his team. He's also one of the best compositors I have ever worked with. Highly recommend him.
    Jason Brown, FX TD at MPC
  • Gabriel was one the most influential lecturer's I had while studying at Lifeway College. His ability to impart his passion for art and storytelling through film is second to none. His practical knowledge of cameras, lighting, colour and composition is invaluable. Gabe gave me a lot of motivation while in the midst of my studies. He has a kind heart and great sense of humour, I would work with Gabe again in a heartbeat!
    Mark McNicholl, Lead Lighting TD at Weta Digital
  • Gabriel is one of the top compositor artiste I have ever worked with. He is talented and a hard worker and he also gives that final subtle touch that makes the film look high top quality. Gabriel has been chosen by Weta because he is among the top CG artistes in the world. And his friendliness makes him very easy to work with.
    Jean Banville, 2D/3D Animation
  • As a colleague I've witnessed how professional Gabriel is as a compositor, his work is alway of very high quality even under time pressure. In addition, his friendly & lighthearted nature made him a great person to be around with. It was a real pleasure to work with him.
    Edwin Liu, Software Engineer
  • I worked under Gabriel on the Little Creatures film project, where he was the creative director. This project started as a culmination of Gabriel's passion for film, art and design. Apart from Gabriel's incredible eye for design, he is a great motivator, pushing everyone around him to go beyond what they thought they are capable of. Gabriel's excellent quality of work, professional approach, friendly demeanour and good work ethic makes him a great asset to any company.
    Jacques Tredoux, Software Developer at Global Kinetic
  • Gabriel is a truly professional in film & visual effects industry. I am impressed with his rich experience in film post production area, especially with his composting knowledge and excellent pipeline planning skill. Gabriel is also a very easy going team member, I enjoy working with him, and looking forward to working together again in the future!
    Ben Yang, Lighting TD at Huhu Studios
  • I had Gabriel as a tutor for a semester at AUT. I can honestly say he is one of the best tutors I have had in my time at university. Gabriel is such an inspiring person to work with. He is so creative himself and encourages us to pursue with our individual ideas giving us the confidence to see them through. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.
    Petra Wood, NZ Direct Travel Consultant at Intrepid Travel
  • Gabriel was by far the best tutor of digital arts which I had during my study abroad in New Zealand. He has not only an outstanding ability to motivate his students, but also understands to great a creative work environment for his students. He is passionate about digital art and his work is brilliant. Gabriel is a great team player and ensures that nobody is left behind. With his excellent experience and knowledge, he focuses on individual training to push the creative abilities of his students beyond their limits. Therefore Gabriel taught me professional knowledge in moving image production, which dramatically influenced my work outcomes. Gabriel is a superior choice for every company in the field of arts.
    Daniel Hofmann, Media Intelligence Analyst at Booming GmbH
  • Gabriel Has been an excellent influence on my life. He helped me greatly when he was a lead at Huhus and i first started in teaching. He all ways had time to sit down and share his extensive knowledge. He is a natural leader and inspires his peers to take great pride in their work. He has the unique ability to inspire people so naturally has been a valuable asset in teaching. Everyone has all ways looked up too Gabe and hold him in high esteem.
    Matthew Guinibert, Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology
  • I Highly recommend Gabe as someone to work with or work for, or even have as a friend!!! Having gathered an incredible amount of experience and expertise- he is an inspiration to us who are entering the design world! :)
    Whitney Wainui, Freelance Production Coordinator
  • Gabe. uff.. :D this guy is a walking talking legend. with the particular attention to the small things, really small things ;) I would call him a Napoleon of work. every week its a new battle what he has to plan. on the meetings, diagrams, numbers, intense internet research. finally it looks like blueprint of space ship :) but somehow everything is simple and it works. here at huhu studio he was a soul of the company. there was no one who didn't liked him. he is always looking for his people, and he is really good friend.
    Piotr Fox Wysocki, Senior Texture R&D Artist at Weta Digital
  • Gabriel was my Visual Effect/Motion Media Design professor when I was at SCAD Hong Kong in Fall 2012. Under his inspirational and insightful instructions, my understanding of motion media/film elevates to a new level. After one class with Professor Gabriel, I am able to applied illustration/fine art skills into my motion works freely to create amazing portfolio pieces. Gabriel is definitely a great instructor and educator who helps his students to find their ways to be a multi-facet visual artist.
    Chieh Lee, Motion Designer at trivago
  • Gabriel was pleasant to work with and he possesses the capacity to contribute professionally in the production environment.
    TeckChee Koi, FX TD ILM Singapore
  • I came to know Gabriel while I was the programme leader of Digital Media at Lifeway College and he was the head of the Media Research and Development department at Huhu Studios. Gabriel quickly established the R&D department at Huhus and successfully inducted several of Lifeway College’s level 7 students into an applied educational setting within an industry context. Gabriel’s resourcefulness, friendly nature and generosity were key to repairing bridges between our two organisations, and re-establishing a level of collaboration that had been absent. We have both moved forwards with our careers but have stayed in contact, which I believe is a testament to Gabriel’s character; he is able to establish strong industrial and academic ties and maintain them. I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Gabriel, and I am personally interested in any of the exciting initiatives he may decide to pursue in the future.
    Sean Castle, Academic - University of Waikato
  • Gabriel was my supervisor at Huhu Studios Research and Development department. It was a total privilege to have met and worked with him, he was always easy-going and approachable, took responsibility and cared for his team. He is a natural teacher, who gives helpful critique, always pushing the quality to a higher level. He gave me confidence in my abilities while helping me to advance them further. I look forward to working with him again in the future.
    Matt Crisp, CG Artist at Darkroom
  • Gabriel is a very technically oriented and knowledgeable person, who brought some new and fresh perspective to the way some things were done at Huhu Studios. He was also responsible to redesigning the 3D Curriculum at the Lifeway College, due to which the students were able to perform better in their course. He would be an asset to whichever company he goes to in the future.
    Pritish Dogra, 3D Generalist
  • Gabriel is a dedicated and very talented guy that I have worked with in nearly an year, he gets the job done quickly, efficiently, he knows exactly what he is doing, an outstanding professional. I am very pleased to work with him.
    Fabiano Petroni, Animation Technical Director at Weta Digital
  • It was truly a privilege to have been taught by a person with such a passion for digital compositing, photography, film and color. The Eye that Gabriel has for details and working with color to set the correct mood and output of a film/photo is truly amazing and it is a level of skill that I one day aim to achieve. He has an enormous amount of knowledge in his field of work and it really inspired me ; and many of my fellow students to pursue the fields of Photography and extend their skills in the field of Digital Compositing. Gabriel was one of the most fun , approachable and knowledgeable lecturers I have had in all my years as a student, And it really pays to have someone that is dedicated to making the learning environment a valuable,comfortable and fun learning experience.He went out of his own way to host workshops on Film / Cinematography to give us all a better understanding of how certain movies are shot and why they would shoot it in this specific manner and the goals they would achieve by doing so, Everything was interesting when something was explained and there was never a dull moment having Gabriel around He is a true asset to any company / school and I highly recommend his skills as an professional artist.
    Christopher McCartney - Nuke Compositor, Concept Artist & Texture Artist
  • I've collaborated on several projects with Gabriel and his visual effects team for the last few quarters at SCAD HK. Not only has he shown a marvelous ability to lead and guide a group of people through both smooth and rough times during projects, but I have seen how he has trained and influenced everyone (even non-VFX people) to unlock their talents and potential. Gabe is passionate about people going for what they love, what makes their heart pound, and spreads this message in everything he does, especially in the classroom setting. His laid-back nature charms anyone around him and draws in students from any and all departments at SCAD HK! He also encourages collaboration among all programs - students in advertising, fashion, illustration, and game design (to name a few) have become part of the VFX family he so encourages. Gabe's reputation among the students at SCAD HK is golden. He's successfully created an army of artists and designers to conquer the world - starting now.
    Sydnie Wachs, Project and Educational Coordinator - AMA
  • Gabriel is a talented CG artist who is great to deal with and pays a huge amount of attention to detail, the quality of his work is of a high standard. It was a pleasure to work along side him and I hope to work with him again in the future.
    Nikora Ngaropo, Layout TD at Weta Digital Layout TD
  • I had the privilege of being taught by Gabriel while studying at Lifeway Advanced Animation College. His creative in-sites into composition, colour, and film production were an invaluable asset to my learning and his challenging, out of the box way of thinking has inspired my work and helped push it to the next level. I would not hesitate to recommend Gabriel to anyone wanting a professional, highly talented artist in his fields of expertise.
    Shem Dawson, Senior 3D Artist I at Blizzard Entertainment
  • I have worked with Gabriel for almost a year and have the utmost respect for him and his skill. He is always ready for a challenge and a good planner and problem solver! It has been a pleasure to work with and him and to call him my friend!
    Allan Sheblom, Senior Lighting Artist at Oktobor Animation
  • Gabe is the easiest person to work with. His light-hearted humor makes working under pressure a less stressful ordeal & his excellent Compositing skills ensures he delivers top-quality shots. Besides being an expert in his field, he is generous with his knowledge - which makes him a great team player as well.
    Kenneth Garcia, Lighting TD/Digital Artist at Animal Logic